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Cara Mengatasi Rambut Bercabang | HAIRCARE ROUTINE | Salsachristia

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Halo semuanya! Hari ini aku mau ngasih tau ke kalian product - product apa aja yang selalu aku pake untuk ngejaga rambut aku. Product - product ini gampang banget dicari kok! Simple tapi menurutku ngejaga rambut itu penting banget! Product mentioned: 1. L'OREAL Total Demage Hair 2. Pantene Pro V3 Minuted Miracle 3. Syoss Cleo Intense Care Oil Treatment 4. Lucido L Triple Beauty Vitamin Spray ( for Demage Hair ) 5. Cussons Kids Hair & Body Cologne ( Strawberry Smoothie ) Thank you :) LET'S BE FRIEND! Instagram: salsachrist E-mail: [email protected] DONT FORGET to Like, Comment, and SUBSCRIBE! :)
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