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New York Barber Shop- Super Skin Fade

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Will Wonka - Doing a Super Skin Fade and Shave! *THIS VIDEO WAS NOT FAST FORWARDED** Subscribe, Follow & Share! www.facebook.com/vicecitybarbershop305 instagram.com/vicecitybarbershop
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Text Comments (149)
WirableGrain 216 (5 months ago)
--'"%-p n .
WirableGrain 216 (5 months ago)
1K 9
Justmc 0312 (5 months ago)
Good shit
Ettoredipugnar (6 months ago)
Gay !
Очень приглянулся переход
Samsung Galaxiy (1 year ago)
skar516 (1 year ago)
It's a nice cut but I saw a couple things wrong with the shape up
qreezy (1 year ago)
hello where is the barber shop ?
Santiago Garcia (1 year ago)
this hard line from the razor would still be there wouldn't it?
fatboysancho (1 year ago)
nice fade all and all
fatboysancho (1 year ago)
Im from California and i cut my own hair like that. but i dont do a edge up i always felt that was for black people hair styles.
mitchell lawrence (1 year ago)
i need to see a 360 wave hair cut
C Steph (1 year ago)
waw.. nice job.
Jon BERTOCCHI (1 year ago)
I bet he got charged an over price of $20 for. Shitty cut. that's the problem now a days, you get anything other than a regular scissor cut and they over price you. it used to be all one price before.
Jon BERTOCCHI (1 year ago)
what is this super skin fade?? is that the new term for scalping?
nujrz4lyfe (1 year ago)
Real good..dope techniques
Jon BERTOCCHI (1 year ago)
really? I didn't see anything dope about his techniques.
excelente trabajo....
Samu Nicko__ (2 years ago)
Santi Vialpando (2 years ago)
it was ok
Yoga master (2 years ago)
Newyork niggas get their street cred from the amount of rat bites on them! NY STAY TAKIN L'S
David Garcia (2 years ago)
nice cut and very good on tecnique. alot of barbers wast time on unnecessary steps... 1 question.. what brand razors do you use on your blade
Shit this guy is fast! I've been cutting hair for 14 years and it still takes me 30 minutes or more for the hair only. Fades? I suck at them and I tell them that before they hop in the chair. Beards are a pain in the ass and I hate doing them and I don't own a razor. Saturday I had 6 waiting with 1 in the chair. Anxious is an understatement. Took about 3 hours for the 6. Others opened the door and saw the crowd and left. They know how fucking slow I am.
gnarmad (2 years ago)
Maybe you'd be better behind the desk managing the shop.
Eli Laguna (2 years ago)
Everything is flawless but the precess could be different to make it faster remember time is $..why don't you use a electric dry shaver Like Remington or norelco & then just finish Line-up with blade
Shalom Anthony (2 years ago)
I'm assuming this shop charges a lot for this type of haircut and extra services .
Big Boy (2 years ago)
If you're in the city download the "Squire" app. It's a sick barber app. Use the code "HENRY" for a free haircut at bunch of upscale barber shops in the city.
Kevin Perales (2 years ago)
what type of clippers are being used
Odair bora (2 years ago)
is tutorial ,May good boys ,he helps !
hama Hakim (2 years ago)
what kinde of style this?
hama Hakim (2 years ago)
what kinde of style this?
ThatSexyHapa (2 years ago)
Bald fade.
Heaven Jay (2 years ago)
respectfully the job is good but the FADE is N O T. FINISHED.. HE has potential. just needs to get that LINE OUT
Johnny Rojas (2 years ago)
His line up no good
Tc Marshy (3 years ago)
Beautiful cut man!
Benjamin Larsson (3 years ago)
This barber really knows how to do his job
DI4x4NIRO F4D3R (3 years ago)
in a skin fade I use a 0.3 blade  with rapid fire to bald out the back, sterling seniors to fade, & super shaper shaver to bald the back close, & wah; detailers to edge up. You only used a comb, razor and reflections!! im shocked how fast it was too.
louis ortiz (3 years ago)
maybe nice to a tourist but my cut way better then that ....real barbers take about 45 minutes and you wont be able to walk in and get a hair cut....appointment only ...o and that fade wavey as fuck my man use like 4 different clippers not masters the whole time...
louis ortiz (2 years ago)
Your shit still patchy....lmao
Bryan Bustamante (2 years ago)
Your sleep dude fuck outta here
Tex Jime (3 years ago)
2:27 all blown
Red Ornelas (3 years ago)
I love da techniques but no attn to detail from 1 barber to another seriously.worried bout takin da hair off da face but beard aint sharp,line up aint sharp....i kan see yall bout QUANTITY. Vs QUALITY ....WAT DAt take like 15 min or less? NOT HAtin not one bit but seriously detail is everything bro #barberlove
Angel Banda (3 years ago)
What did u spray on his haircut that was in a gray can? What's it called
isnei t lopes (3 years ago)
Goog job
Jake Trask (3 years ago)
That nigga getting his hair cut looks smacked
Chachie 8383 (3 years ago)
Perfect. I would love to work with u. I work in a salon but would much rather be in a barber shop. Live the dream
Roberto Ramirez (3 years ago)
Super fast
rangi hoonr (3 years ago)
That's tight very sharp nice work
i could have gave him that same haircut with just one blade and a small comb
BuzzFeedPurple (3 years ago)
+Jumsley Naudet bullshit, im not, I can do that with a plastic shaving razor, a toenail clipper and a comb
Saul Salazar (3 years ago)
That's a sick ass fade. Great skills bro!
Mike C (3 years ago)
This is fresh as fuck man, would I call this a #2 skin fade?
Dre TheDREAM (3 years ago)
Rodney Ramlochan (3 years ago)
good job man.
Noel Baltazar (4 years ago)
how do you get your liners to hit that good?
Noel Baltazar (4 years ago)
how do you get your liners to hit that good?
C RodEsp (4 years ago)
LegendaryLifts (4 years ago)
interesting that you shave part of the head with a straight razor for a fade, i like that technique it probably makes the haircut last a little longer.
nusense808 (4 years ago)
This dude makes me hella nervous
Team AFK (4 years ago)
Needed a bit more fading on his right side. It's darker than the other side.
abdo seff (4 years ago)
good barber
WZP_ (4 years ago)
How did u not cut him durring the shave
Vice City Barber Shop (4 years ago)
Lots of practice! haha
Ti Pit (4 years ago)
very sexy haicut
Debo Márquez (4 years ago)
manhattan1vato (4 years ago)
Fade is gradual, line up is straight, top is even, no cuts... That's a barber I'd trust cause he keep it 100. The job is perfect.
Vice City Barber Shop (4 years ago)
Thank you so much!
Eric Richardson (4 years ago)
Just seen video, got crazzzy skills. Determined to be just as nice one day.
Toni Montana (4 years ago)
sehr gut
SamuelTheHairArist (4 years ago)
Mad respect brother , I'm in barber school and I'm trying to cut hair that fast. So I can make as much money as possible. How long have you been cutting for?
Jesse Medina (1 year ago)
SamuelTheHairArist did you finish ?
Vice City Barber Shop (4 years ago)
Started cutting hair late teens. Speed comes lots of practice. Stay Hungry and anything is possible!
fryjef (4 years ago)
Bien fast
Yz WiLL (4 years ago)
Jerome Brown (4 years ago)
That's what you think. But its all good homie because who needs to know knows!!!!!!
Jerome Brown (4 years ago)
I am the real deal and he is pushing lines back make it look more crisp than it really is. Ask about Prince NYC!!!!!
J Reyne (4 years ago)
I did.. no ones heard of you...
Emiliano Carlito (4 years ago)
Yo hes sick
Conor Callahan (4 years ago)
clipper wahl sterling senior trimmer andis style liner 2
Kharuzo Mc (4 years ago)
Buen trabajo..!!!!
randa ojeda (4 years ago)
super bien n# 1
yoel macdonna (4 years ago)
yoel macdonna (4 years ago)
one andis clipper........it is..
k simmo (4 years ago)
next level shit
Brandon Rozay (4 years ago)
este si es un Barbero y no pendejadas, Good job maine greetings from Cancún,Mex
dopeconcepts (4 years ago)
Loving it all the way from Cali in the Bay Area.
bigg dogg (4 years ago)
Great barber shop sh*t! That's "the real McCoy "As my Abuelito would say.
ghostPepper (4 years ago)
ready to fuck bitches
tha1904 (4 years ago)
Can't even front homeboy came out fresh
yeye4789 (4 years ago)
HipHopReviews12 (4 years ago)
My man Great haircut *salutes*
BLACK WOLF (4 years ago)
I like the video
Cabrini Ferreira (4 years ago)
which size did you use to connect the razor skin to the top?
J.A.S. the Future (4 years ago)
Shavonneg22 (4 years ago)
Damn yo that was fast and a clean cut.ayo can u show us your station?
Charms434 (5 years ago)
A lil aftershave never hurt. Great cut though
This Conception (5 years ago)
:27 Okay thats your haircut
Alfredo Meza (5 years ago)
we.do better cuts than you foo
Roy Rico (5 years ago)
left side is higher than the right side. clean cut though
TheBeastyPwnage (5 years ago)
Head of the state FTW
King SunXi (5 years ago)
I cut my own hair and will start fading it soon. I order the Andis Professional Fade clippers (gold&black) not the masters, but they are fade clippers came with 2 attachments #0 & #1 . when I start the fading/blending process do I fade with the attachments off or with an attachment on? I would assume off because it is a fade blade right?
MrSebmaq (5 years ago)
nice clean hair cut but I don't like the beard. Should have gone for clean shaven to match the clean hair.
Webzen Andrea (5 years ago)
why he's face so sad?
IM BANDITz (5 years ago)
That dude looks high as fuck and the haircut badass how u erase the line bro?
Alex Conejo (5 years ago)
Nice cut
SukaFreeCity (5 years ago)
Going too fast for the camera.A bit sloppy!
SukaFreeCity (5 years ago)
High fade.
Melissa Gallegos (5 years ago)
You are bad ass. Thank you.
Расул метис (5 years ago)
Cool men respect from Kazakhstan :)
Azra S (5 years ago)
what sprays are you using at 3:01 and 3:04
XeL nåIn MoBx (5 years ago)

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